About us - Recyshred

Created in 2006, Recyshred helps clients protect their information and implements modern technologies that allow clients to destroy their documents safely and with peace of mind. After your documents are shredded, the residues are recycled. When you choose to do business with Recyshred, you also help preserve the environment. Recyshred recovers all shredded paper on site, which keeps hundreds of tons of paper each year from ending up in a landfill. Shredding trucks are also equipped with new emission-reducing systems.

Recyshred helps you destroy your confidential documents on site.


In a nutshell

  • Shredding takes place on site inside a shredding truck.
  • Our associates take care of everything; this process is safe, quick, and convenient.
  • Your documents never leave your premises without having been destroyed; you witness the whole destruction process.
  • We provide you with a certificate of destruction that states the amount of documents destroyed.
  • All documents are destroyed and recycled.