FAQ - Recyshred

1. How long should I retain my documents?

Your books and records (including those in electronic format) must generally be retained for a minimum period of six years from the end of the latest year to which they relate.
However, if you file a return late, keep all the information for six years from that filing date.

If you are operating a business in the province of Québec, you must keep records. These documents, as well as your records, must be retained for a period of six years, in either paper or electronic format,
in your place of business;
in your home; or
any other location determined by Revenu Québec.

Retention of fuel records
Your records and original supporting documents must be kept for a period of six years after the last year to which they apply, and made available on request to any IFTA member jurisdiction that wishes to see them.


2. What matter is Recyshred able to destroy?

Recyshred destroys all paper documents, filing cabinets, record boxes and electronic documents. We therefore have the means to destroy your confidential records and documents in their entirety.


3. How long does it take for Recyshred to respond from the time a call is placed to us?

We provide services by appointment or on our rounds.


4. If we regularly have confidential documents to destroy, how does Recyshred take care of this?

We offer customised service packages to meet your needs and requirements for on-call or regular service – of which the frequency is completely up to you. In addition, we provide you with secure consoles or mobile waste containers for your confidential document disposal needs.


5. What is the advantage of your service over that of our current supplier?

Recyshred boasts a mobile destruction unit. Our company therefore provides you with on-site services to destroy your records right outside your place of business, under the supervision of one of your representatives. As a result, confidentiality is flawlessly maintained.


6. Is there a need to prepare records in any way before Recyshred is called in?

No. Our representative comes to your place of business, takes the records, regardless of their current state, and brings them straight to the mobile unit. There is no need for paper clip or comb binding removal, everything can be destroyed as is. Your time is valuable; our equipment gets the job done.


7. Where should I keep confidential documents destined for destruction?

If you chose one of our service packages, we will provide you with secure consoles or mobile waste containers in which to dispose of documents destined for destruction.


8. How can I be assured of the security and confidentiality of my records?

Our job is to destroy the records entrusted to us, with the utmost concern for confidentiality. In this regard, we have put in place the most effective processes and technical means:

  • Personnel which is bound to professional secrecy
  • Destruction carried out under the supervision of yourself or one of your representatives
  • Your records never leave your place of business without having been destroyed
  • Locked consoles or mobile waste containers with slots are provided to you for the disposal of confidential documents destined for destruction


9. How does Recyshred dispose of the paper?

We have a proactive approach to the protection of the environment. Once destroyed, all of your archives are brought to a specifically approved recycling facility.
Each ton of paper requires the following to be produced:

  • Approximately 15 trees
  • 5000 litres of water which will need to be treated before it is released back into the environment