We have the necessary equipment to help you get rid of your official documents in Gatineau

Do you have confidential documents to destroy?

Take advantage of our shredding services in Gatineau

Do you have documents to destroy? We have the equipment in Gatineau and Ottawa?

For regular or on-call destruction of your documents, consult Recyshred in Gatineau or elsewhere in Outaouais, and get advice on the type of equipment that would suit you best.

n fact, when implementing a document destruction system, it is important to consider the ease of the gesture. The simpler the gesture, the more your employees will participate.

Let us advise you and train your employees for free when the system is implemented in your company.

Our equipments

Rolling tray

This equipment allows easy movement within the company. The bin can be padlocked or not, depending on your needs and usage. Our bins can hold 240 or 360 liters of material.


The console is clean, aesthetic and available in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to easily hide it under a desk and even use it as a coffee table. It goes perfectly with your furniture and perfectly meets the needs of professional and corporate offices of all kinds.


9-gallon (30 liter) capacity bin designed to be stored close at hand near a desk to secure confidential documents under lock and key. It is a must for your office layout.

Thank you very much for the great service!

Since we’ve started using Recyshred’s document destruction services, our confidential documents are effectively destroyed and aren’t disposed of as waste, which is very important to our office.

We find the bin stylish and it fits well with our office décor.

After we phone in to request shredding services, the execution time is quick. You usually deliver the services on the same day or the following day.

Thank you very much for the great service!
Josée Lécuyer, Administrative Controller

Custom, affordable, courteous, discrete, and reliable services.

The maintenance of professional secrecy is mandatory for lawyers and notaries. This being said, Décarie Fortin has mandated Recyshred to destroy our precious confidential documents. Custom, affordable, courteous, discrete, and reliable services … and let’s not forget the aesthetics of their small boxes and concern for the environment, are all reasons why we continue to rely on them year after year.
Me Sophie-Anne Décarie, Laywer, Associate

We feel confident that we’re in good hands!

To PPTA, Recyshred is a sure bet and a courteous, effective, and reliable staff. We feel confident that we’re in good hands!